:: An Apple tree grows in the temperate region of the world (Areas that don’t get too hot or too cold) apple trees are best adapted to areas where average winter temperature is near freezing for at least two months.

:: Apple trees are deciduous, which means their leaves fall off at the end of the growing season.

:: Apples belong to rose family, and we can see in springs the beautiful white flowers on an apple tree looking like tiny roses.

About 25% of the volume of ripe apple is air, which explains why they float in water.

Apple trees grow best on hilltops and the sloping sides of hills because apple trees require good water drainage, that’s why the land and climate of Himachal Pradesh has been considered best for apple production.

Why Quality Apple
Today’s consumer demand progress and novelty. They want new type of improved  cars, stereo, shoes household items say quality apples are no exception.

Two parts of a trees
Apple trees are made from two physically and genetically distinct pieces.

The cultivar:  The above-ground portion of the tree ,which gives us fruit of different varieties  the cultivar reflects the type of apple produced, for example royal or red

The rootstock:  Determines the size, shape, precocity and overall productivity of the tree.The most important part, but most of the growers neglect this.

What kind to plant?
Plant dwarf/semi dwarf trees. Regular size trees get too big, and  adequately spraying, pruning or harvesting the fruit is very difficult. Regular size trees require up to 10 years to come into production and next 10 year for full production. whereas dwarf trees come into production within three four years and at   the age of 8 years their production and quality is quite good.

Today there is revolution in the world particularly in dwarfing of trees. There are three ways apple trees can be reduced in size:

1. Select a spur type variety. These varieties have natural tendency towards dwarfing as much as 25% smaller tree than regular variety. For high density orchard spur variety is used in combination with semi-dwarf rootstocks.

2. Use a dwarfing rootstock.  Many are available .Some do not dwarf sufficiently. Many are not adapted to our wet /dry , hot/cold climate. So selection according to site is very important

3. Use dwarfing inter-stem piece . on vigorous rootstocks grafting of dwarfing rootstock piece is done before grafting a variety, this produces three part of inter-stem plant: 1)roots2)dwarfing inter-stem 3)the variety.

Never Hesitate to Visit an apple orchard nearby

In India,if possible, do visit these Orchards. Orchard is established  here on Clonal Rootstock

:: Our newly established nursery farm and orchard at kalasan.
:: Horticulture Research Station Mashobra, Shimla.
:: Horticulture Demonstration Farm ANU, Roharu Distt. Shimla.
:: Private farm of Mr. S.M.Kanwer at Rohanda Distt. Mandi on M4,  M7 and M9 established in  Year 1972 and    still plants are quite young.
:: Gobind Ballabh Pant University  Hill Campus Ranichauri, Distt. Tihri Garhwal. Uttranchal.

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