Our Key activities at KNF are:

:: Propagation of Apple clonal rootstock in stool bed for distribution

:: Establishment of apple orchard of quality Varieties on MM111,MM106,M793 and also on M9,M7, M4 Rootstock in high density.


:: Popularization of ORGANIC FARMING. thus organization of awareness camps on apple cultivation,organic farming and educating people about the consequences of dangerous chemicals and insecticides.

:: Using different methods for producing vermi compost in the farm and organizing camps for popularization of kalasan method of producing quality and economically cheap vermi compost.

Farm is also working on rain-shed water harvesting from roof area and from catchment’s area of the farm by storing it into big water storage tank to be used in dry season .

:: KANF is also producing trees of Apple , Almond, Pear and Nectarine on conventionally grown  seedling rootstocks.

:: KANF is working on soil conservation by making check dams in adjoining area and planting cedar trees.

:: Making optimum use of water with the help of drip irrigation system and re-cycling of kitchen water.

         The climate of this Kanf basin is extremely harsh and cold during winter and very pleasant during summer season. The catchments gets rainfall from South-West Monsoon and snowfall in winter due to Westerly disturbance.The temperature falls below –5 degrees during winters and reaches up to 32 degrees in summer.A part of the catchments area is Shikari range which remains covered with snow for more than 4 months gives chilling to the site after sunset. Thus the trees requirement of chilling is completed this way. However the place is more suitable for low chilling apple varieties.

State Himachal Pradesh


Township Nearby Karsog
Village  Kalasan,  Post Office - Marothi .

By road only

72 kmsfrom Sundernagar (Mandi)
97 Kms from Shimla

Altitude 1687Meters( 5623 feet ) above sea level
Contact Nos 9418455027 , 98160-05027,01907-225027

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