For those of you who are not acquainted with Kalasan Nursery Farm -We are a family run nursery located in kalasan, it is named after the village. We are propagating the new disease resistant apple rootstocks organically and also establishing apple orchard exclusively on clonal rootstocks.. The technical consultancy is being provided by Winrock International USA. The chief consultant Mr. John M Aselage frequently visits this nursery to guide the propagation techniques. we established this nursery in 2003. My Dad, and Mom (In-laws)helps me a lot to establish this nursery and farm.

When you write or call , you will be in contact with either my husband, Vikram or myself. I also personally care every tree throughout the year. A healthy, well cared for and carefully graded tree delivered to you is my goal. In most of my nursery operations and establishment of high density orchard my brother, Rajesh Thakur always remain with me.

Our rootstocks and trees are guaranteed to be healthy. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write at It is my advise to plan your orchard in advance. Due to increased demand of particular variety on particular clonal rootstock, it is wise for growers to set up their planting plans and place your orders one year in advance of setting new orchards.

Thanks again to everybody, customers, friends and family, who helped to make this venture successful, and special thanks to Mr.P.S. Srinivasan who always keep my spirit up and available to guide me for my this venture a success. And once again, special thanks go to my Mom and Dad. They just keep amazing me.

Rajani Rawat